Spreading joy one bouquet at a time

Kilah Watson plants flowers at her flower farm, Scattered and Sown. -Reporter photo

Joel and Kilah Watson, along with their daughters, Nellie and Hazel, do all the work at Scattered and Sown Flower Farm (some more than others!). -Reporter photo

Every bouquet from Scattered and Sown is inspired to bring joy to the recipient..
Michelle Watson

 Kilah Watson has started a small business that combines all the things she is passionate about - agriculture, family and being able to share God’s beauty, all while spreading joy to others. Kilah’s new business, Scattered and Sown, is a flower farm located south of Clear Lake.

“Growing up on a farm and being involved in the agricultural industry gave me the idea of starting a flower farm. After years of dreaming and encouragement from my husband, Joel, I decided to give it a shot,” said Kilah.

Kilah’s biggest helpers are her two young daughters, Nellie, age two and Hazel, age six months.

“Sometimes their ‘help’ creates more work, but I wouldn’t change a thing. I am eager to see how my daughters continue to be a part of it all. I think there’s an unspoken gift in working together as a family for something bigger than ourselves,” said Kilah.

Kilah attended Iowa State University and was fortunate to have taken a few business entrepreneur classes. Her marketing and communications degree also ties in well with planning and starting a business.

A lot of research and making connections with other flower farmers in the Midwest have broadened her knowledge of flower farming.

“There’s always something more to learn, which is what I love about this business,” said Kilah. “The more connections that can be made the more opportunities there are to learn.”

Planning for the season usually starts a year in advance. In the winter, a seed sowing schedule is made that helps keep planting and harvesting dates throughout the summer. Seedlings are also started under growing lights in her basement in late winter. The flower beds are prepared as soon as the ground can be worked in the spring. The beds are covered in fabric and holes are burned into the fabric for either flower plugs or seeds to be planted. An irrigation system helps to make sure the flowers are always well watered.

“I’m always experimenting to learn which flower varieties can handle cooler weather and I adjust my planting time from there,” said Kilah.

She’s already harvested and sold her tulip crop this year. For summer fresh cut flowers, the season is from late June through September. Kilah has three planting successions or rounds that will provide blooms for the duration of July through September.

Future plans for Scattered and Sown will include opening the flower farm up to the public for a few events during the summer, including “You-Pick” days, on-farm workshops and private parties.

“Everyday brings new ideas and possibilities! I’m looking forward to seeing what the future holds,” said Kilah

Kilah said her husband, Joel, is her #1 supporter and encourager. She said he is always willing to help out when needed. That is a two-way street in the Watson home, as Kilah also lends a hand in the Watson Farms farming operation alongside Joel and his parents. Kilah is not afraid to jump in a tractor and spend hours in the grain cart or doing tillage work.

“Whether it’s working with flowers or growing corn and soybeans, family working together brings me joy,” said Kilah.

For more on Scattered and Sown, visit the website www.scatteredandsown.com or find the business on Facebook to learn how to get your hands on one of Kilah’s beautiful bouquets.

Flower farming was the perfect avenue for Kilah to incorporate all of her passions into one business. “I love that a simple bouquet can truly brighten a day in an instant, for both the giver and the receiver! It’s an honor to be able to grow, cut and share flowers with people in our community.”


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