Success! Outdoor Classroom Cam captures hatch

For the past 30-plus days, the  Clear Lake Telephone Company’s outdoor cam has focused on a nesting Canada Goose at the Clear Lake Elementary School’s Outdoor Classroom.  Those with CL Tel cable-vision could watch the nest on channel 600.  Keith Williams was the first to report that the geese were hatching on Saturday evening, May 8.  Williams counted at least five, but because there was so much scurrying there may have been one or two more.  

According to former DNR Officer and Outdoor Classroom founder Ron Andrews, they did not stay at the nest long.  

“The nesting Canada Goose provided many people with an opportunity to see the hatch first hand.  We thank CL Tel for having the camera on site for the past several years and we hope that the cam and the outdoor classroom have provided some education about our great outdoor natural resources,” said Andrews. 

The outdoor classroom has a deck on-site so anyone can stop by and watch the birds and enjoy the view from the deck.  A check Monday Morning indicated that there were three broods of Canada Geese on-site, a brood of two, a brood of three, and a brood of five, which presumably are the five that hatched at the Cam site. 

The Outdoor Classroom Cam may be accessed by going to or tune to Channel 600 on CLTel TV.   The camera is provided by CL Tel as an educational tool for elementary school teachers and a community resource.

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