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From August 21, 2018 until September 21, 2018 any new subscriber* to the Clear Lake Mirror Reporter will be able to get either 8 or 16 weeks free and a trial of our e-edition.

A  new one year subscription receives 8 weeks free and a 3 month trial of our e-edition.

A new two year subscription receives 16 weeks free and a 6 month trial of our e-edition.

If you are a current subscriber and renew your subscription you will receive 4 weeks free.

*Any persons or household that is not currently receiving the Mirror-Reporter is considered a NEW subscription July 1, 2018 expiration dates count as new, July 2, 2018 and later count as a renewal.

Thank you for your interest in subscribing. Please fill out the form below and you will be asked to pay with Credit or Debit via our secure processing.
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