Sholly resigns as CLEAR coordinator

(Above) Education has been at the heart of Jim Sholly’s work as CLEAR Project coordinator.-Reporter file photo. 

by Marianne Gasaway

Jim Sholly is ready to transition to a new role within the CLEAR Project— volunteer.

After six years at the helm, Sholly has resigned the position of CLEAR Project coordinator to become the new GIS coordinator for Cerro Gordo County.  He will begin the new position in June, using many of the same technical skills he has employed to monitor Clear Lake’s water quality, to supply data to various county departments.

“This is a career opportunity that allows me some new growth and the ability to be home and take care of my family,” said Sholly.  “We will continue to live in Ventura and I hopefully can still be a technical resource for the CLEAR Project.”

There is no doubt Sholly has a wealth of information and experience which has added significantly to the CLEAR Project’s 20-plus year history.  During his tenure, shoreline stabilization projects across private and public landscapes have protected more than 1,500 feet of 

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