Scratch off a deal on your subscription

Whether you already subscribe, or want to begin receiving the Clear Lake Mirror-Reporter in your mailbox each week, we’ve got an opportunity for you!  

Inserted in this week’s newspaper is a Super Sub Scratch-Off which will add two, three, or even four months to your subscription when you renew or sign-up for the paper.  Some could even receive an additional 12-months!  Every ticket is a winner!

Simply bring your scratch off ticket into the Mirror-Reporter office at 12 N. 4th St. DO NOT scratch off the prize hidden on the ticket until you come to the office.  Those who are unable to bring the card to the office may sign the back of their card and mail it in with subscription payment.  The ticket will be scratched at the office and the prize applied.

This promotion runs through Dec. 17, 2021 and is for both new and renewal subscriptions. A one-year subscription must be purchased in order to use the scratch ticket. Cannot be used on previously purchased subscriptions.

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