School district reports a drop in enrollment

By Marianne Gasaway

The numbers have not been finalized, but Superintendent Doug Gee told Clear Lake School Board members last week that they can expect a decline in enrollment.

Gee estimates certified enrollment will be down 35 students when the final count is made Friday.

He explained to the Board the change largely has to do with choices families made during the pandemic.

“There are about eight to 10 kids who open enrolled out (this year) for the online, because we did not have a virtual option,” said Gee.  “Some of the open enrolled (in) last year came to us because of some of the neighboring districts and what they did. They did not return as open enrolls (in 2021).  We also have a decent number of families that are choosing to home school their kids.”

Open enrollment in has been a big boost to Clear Lake School District numbers in recent years.  Gee said the number of open enrolls in this year will be 254, while those going out of the district is 60.

Final enrollment numbers will be presented at the Board’s next meeting.

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