Remember When 9-1-2021

Kids “dig” school in 1996 - Central School ExCEL students would have fit right in with Indiana Jones in 1996, as they conducted an archeological dig at the school district’s Outdoor Classroom.  Groups of students created a “culture” and then buried artifacts from the culture at the Outdoor Classroom.  Other students then participated in a “dig” to unearth the treasures and study the culture.  Here, sixth graders (front L-R): Angie Ott, Alex Wieck, Dane Whaley, Alex Berge and Luke Langholz, (standing (L-R): Rachel Geilenfeld, Brad Schaefer, Lucas Ashland and teacher Susan Boatman enjoyed the thrill of the hunt.

by Michelle Watson

25 Years Ago

September 1996

Trustees of the Clear Lake Sanitary District have approved the issuance of $6 million in sewer revenue capital loan notes to provide short term funding for improvements already underway.  Work on the district’s $11 million improvement project is moving along as scheduled according to Superintendent Steve Nicholson.

A $1.95 million bond issue will be put before Ventura voters on Tuesday, Sept. 10.  If approved, the money would provide for a new gymnasium and commons area, as well as classroom remodeling and technology upgrades.

At the request of the Clear Lake Development Corporation, the city will form a committee to study Clear Lake’s housing shortage.  The new committee will be comprised of seven members with the following representation: Chamber of Commerce (2), EDC (2), major industry (1), schools (1), and realtors (1).

All systems are go for an exciting day of hydroplane racing on Clear Lake Saturday.  Terry Mullan is the organizer of the return of hydroplane racing here.  Mullan said he used to watch the outboard hydroplanes scream across the lake years ago.  Now, he looks forward to exposing a whole new generation to the sport, while reviving memories for others.

Two newcomers will seek a Clear Lake School board seat this year, Mike Finnegan and Tamara Schwichtenberg.  Seeking one spot on the Ventura School Board will be Deb Cash and Rev. Daird Korth.

Bob and Peggy Clausen, of Clear Lake, will celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary with an open house on Saturday, Sept. 7, at the Clear Lake Community Center.

Marvin and Adelaide Brager, of Ventura, will celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary on Saturday, Sept. 14, with an open house and dance at the Ventura Community Hall.

Tod and Yvonne Uhlenhopp announce the birth of their son, Devin Warren, who arrived Aug, 23, 1996.  He is welcomed home be two brothers, Justin, 7, and Alex, 4.

The first phase of the remodeling at Health Quest has been completed according to owners Alan and Lisa Heady.  The new free weight equipment is in place and available for use.  The youth activity center and child care services are also scheduled to open Oct. 1.

Leading the cheers for the Clear Lake varsity football team will be: Amber Wass, Ali Secory, Meribeth Bernard, Ali Gross, Mary Thomas, Christine Prohaska, Laura Maring and Angie Doebel.  Lion Tamers are Abby Lewis, Tania Maring, Lani Grabinski and Teresa Stealy.

Dairy Queen owner, Mark Seleskie, cut the ribbon on the new Clear Lake business.

Grocery specials for the week at Easter Foods includes:  Minute Maid Orange Juice, 64 oz. carton, $1.99; Our Family medium eggs, dozen, 2/$1; Kellogg’s Cereals, $2.49; sweet, juicy cantaloupe, lb., 29¢; Red Baron Pizza, 12”, 2/$6; Old Milwaukee Beer, 12-12 oz. cans, $3.89; Hormel Little Sizzlers, 7-12 oz., 87¢; and Farmland Sliced Bacon, lb., $1.79.

50 Years Ago

August 1971

For the first time ever, a Clear Lake cheerleading squad has placed first in competition at the American Cheerleading Association camp held at Luther College.  The varsity cheerleaders taking the honors were:  Sue Ritter, Kathy Melhus, Pam Harrington, Lori Field, Pam Turek, LuAnn Hanson, Jeannie Aastrup, Cindy Walls, Becky Collins and Connie McDonald.

Papers have been filed for the Ventura School Board election by Ed Furness and Ed Winkelman.

Dr. Robert Broghammer, who is building a new office at 612 2nd Place N., expects to open his dental practice Sept. 15.

Six new teachers and three new associate teachers will be on duty at Ventura Community Schools.  This completes the staff of 36 faculty members.  New teachers include: Tim Costello, Doris Horton, Larry Mitchell, Paulette Smith, Rose Springer and Joyce Bender.  New teacher associates will be Pat Brown, Donna Buckley and Wanda Mitchell.

Playing at the Lake Theater is Paul Newman in “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.”

75 Years Ago

August 1946

Award for the meanest person of the season should go to the vandals who swiped the sign in front of the “Tipa Koda” cottage on the south shore Sunday evening.  The luminous sign was a handmade Christmas gift to Mr. and Mrs. James Stuart by Mrs. Stuart’s brother.  The owners feel a deep loss over this theft.

The eighth annual Governor’s Day celebration ended Sunday evening with a beautiful display of fireworks, made possible by Ted Saucke, who planned and carried out the display.

According to C.E. Mosher, Lake Theatre manager, complete newsreel pictures of the second atom bomb experiment conducted by the army and navy will be shown exactly as they took place at Bikini.

John Perkins has sold the Perkins Diary to P.E. Frettem of Estherville  The dairy has been in the Perkins family ever since it was established in the fall of 1921 by John’s father.

100 Years Ago

August 1921

Police E.C. Walker took in two drunks Friday night.  One was from Mason City and one from Belmond.  The city treasurer is about $40 better off and the two were given a lesson as to what will happen when they come to Clear Lake and try to show off after tipping a few.

For sale:  a range, a heater, a bedstead, ladder and a goat.  Inquire at this office.

Surely after all the crime waves of the past year, now is the time for decency.

A petition was circulated Wednesday asking all of Clear Lake business houses to close for Clear Lake Day at the North Iowa Fair.  So you may expect to see Clear Lake deserted for the day.

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