Remember When 11-17-2021

Indian play, 1971 - Kindergarten youngsters at Lincoln School were learning all about the life of Indians in 1971.  The youngsters made masks, which are hanging on the wall.  Under the supervision of Miss Schroder, Ricky Amundson and Beth Haspany learned an Indian dance.  They’re dressed in authentic Indian costumes.  The boy drumming up a storm is Jeff Klaudt.  The study of Indian lore was in connection with their social studies.

by Michelle Watson

25 Years Ago

November 1996

Ventura Schools received good news Monday in the form of a low interest rate on $1.95 million in bonds the school is using for construction of a gymnasium and commons area at the high school.The architectural firm of Bergland and Cram, of Mason City, is continuing to work on Ventura’s project, with a bid asking expected in January, said Superintendent Gary Schichtl.  Construction is expected to begin as soon as possible in the spring.

Vandals opened four fire hydrants in Clear Lake Saturday night in an apparent attempt to deplete the city’s water supply.  An estimated 100,000 gallons of water were drained from the city’s three water towers, according to Joe Weigel, public works director.  The vandalism was deliberate, said Weigel, explaining that the hydrants’ pumper nozzles were pried open.  It is also suspicious because all four were situated on the city’s larger water mains.  All were on the outskirts of town.

Friday’s icy weather caused schools in Clear Lake and Ventura to cancel classes.  Clear Lake has scheduled April 21 as its make-up day.  Ventura students will be making up their lost day on Feb. 17.

The fate of the All Vet’s Social Center now lies in the hands of the courts.  Five members of an ad-hock committee studying options for the preservation of the building has filed an injunction in an attempt to stop its demolition.

Iowa Governor Terry Branstad celebrated his 50th birthday in 50’s fashion Friday night with a sock hop at Clear Lake’s Surf Ballroom.  About 1,500 people paid $25 each to take part in the fun.  Rock and Roll legend Bobby Vee provided the entertainment.

Clear Lake’s oldest resident, Thora Anderson, 105, died Wednesday, Nov. 13, 1996 at Oakwood Care Center.

Many apples to the teacher and kind notes have been acquired by longtime kindergarten teacher, Donna Dull, who retired from Clear Lake Lincoln School after 39 years.  “It is very important that children are taught the basics.  Without knowing the fundamentals, it is hard to go further with their education,” said Donna Dull.

After wrapping up their season earlier this month, the Clear Lake football team held their year-end banquet.  At the ceremony, several Lions were recognized for their achievements by being placed on All-District teams.  Players chosen for All-District offense include: Mike Moeller, Joe Kennedy, and Justin Washburn.  Mike Ostrander received an honorable mention in the kicking department.  Four more Lions were placed on the defense: Terry Rauk, Andy Turnbull, Scott Lester and Ted Secory.  Greg Johnson received honorable mention.  Scott Lester led the Lions in rushing for the season with 543 yards and seven touchdowns.  Quarterback Justin Washburn had a competition percentage of 39, and passed for three touchdowns and a total of 435-yards.  In receiving, Joe Kennedy led the team with 278-yards and two touchdowns.

Allison Cooper, a Ventura High School graduate, is a member of Central College women’s basketball team.

Live at the Surf Ballroom on Friday, Nov. 29, will be Bill Haley’s Original Comets.  Tickets are $10.

Grocery specials for the week at Fareway include: Gold Medal Flour, 5 lb., 79¢; Libby’s Pumpkin, 15 oz. can, 59¢; Nabisco Snack Crackers, 6.75 oz. box, 2/$3; Wells Blue Bunny Sour Cream, 16 oz., 99¢; Bulk Mince Meat, lb., $1.29; Fresh Trimmed Lutefisk, lb., $3.39; and Forest City Country Lefse, each, $3.69. 

50 Years Ago

November 1971

Unknown pranksters playing a belated Halloween trick were busy at the home of Police Chief Richard Latham sometime early Tuesday morning.  About 15 “Sold” or “For Sale” signs from various realty offices were placed on his front lawn,  Wreaths were dropped on some of the signs.  Along with the signs was a roadblock saw horse with a flashing yellow light.

There is a group of students at CLHS who call themselves “SEWAGE” (Students Earnestly Working to Avoid a Garbacious Environment).  The group has started a recycling program in the area for non-returnable glass containers.

The main attraction at the Ventura High School this week is Peter, Paul and Mary.  Believe it or not, they are three ducks which are being kept in the art room.  Art teacher, Tim Costello, had the idea of using the ducks as models for the students to draw after receiving complaints about having to draw too many still lives.

75 Years Ago

November 1946

The school hot lunch program will begin Monday.  It will be opened in the hot lunch room of the high school building.  Since silverware and plates are on the scarce list, the school is suggesting each person taking the meal to bring their own silverware and plate.  The cost of the program is 20¢ per meal.

“Let’s Suit Each Other” is the slogan for the campaign now underway in a drive for funds to buy uniforms for the high school band.  The amount set for the goal is $3,000.

Hand milking is on the way out as electricity takes over according to the Peoples Gas and Electric Co.

The Clear Lake City Police force entertained city employees, firemen and their wives at a Mulligan stew supper Tuesday evening at City Hall.

Clear Lake lost a close, 7-6, football game to the Hampton Bulldogs before the largest crowd of the season, approximately 2,000.

90 Years Ago

November 1931

Harry Spilman and family will move next week into their new farm home they have just completed.  The house is a modern bungalow style with lighting plant and water system.  It has all the modern conveniences of a city home.

When you answer the telephone and the one at the other end of the line says, “This is the Park Theatre,” put on your thinking caps as he will ask what is showing at the theatre that night.  If you answer correctly, you could win complementary tickets.

Grocery prices for the week at the Basket Grocery include: bologna, lb, 10¢; choice beef roast, lb. 15¢; powdered sugar, 3 lbs., 25¢; salted peanuts, 2 lbs., 25¢; brown sugar, 4 lbs., 25¢.

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