Public invited to showing of TV pilot filmed here

A community showing of “Strong Tower,” a TV pilot filmed in Clear Lake, will take place Wednesday, Aug. 18, at the Surf Ballroom.  Admission is free to the 6:30 p.m. showing.  Doors open at 6.

Filming wrapped up in May for a pilot television show being developed by Renovo Media Group and ODB Films.  Renovo is a partnership between Kingland Industries, located in Clear Lake, and Chicago-based ODB Films.  The show is about a recently widowed woman who moves back to her hometown in the Midwest with her two teenage sons to open a brewhouse.

The show stars Claire Coffee, Michael Gross and Miriam Flynn as the top three billing cast members.

Doug Tooke, executive vice president of Renovo, had the concept for “Strong Tower” and wrote the original script.  He then worked with Dean Batali, who wrote and produced hits such as That 70s Show and Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  

Locals watched with interest as Skip’s Kicks and Starboard Market signage was replaced, transforming the buildings into the Strong Tower community. Other filming locations included Ventura, the Clausen House, the Mason City Brewery and St. Joseph’s Church, both in Mason City.

The production team’s call for extras was well received and about 50 persons helped as background figures, extras and crews, according to Tooke.  

The show is being pitched to outlets.  Once the show has a streaming service partner, Renovo will film the following seven to eight episodes. Some of that filming may again occur in Clear Lake.

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