No contested races for City Council or Mayor positions

There are no contested races in the Clear Lake City Council election or the race for mayor.  Bennett Smith has served four years as the Second Ward City Councilman.  Dana Brant has served eight years on the City Council, four years for Ward One and four years as an At-Large Council representative.  Nelson Crabb is running for his fifth term as mayor.  He was first elected to the position in 2006.



1. Occupation:  

Instructor in history and political science at North Iowa Area Community College. (NIACC)

2. How many years have you served in City government? In what capacities?

I have been fortunate to serve the last four years as the Second Ward City Councilman, which was my first term, and I am running for reelection to the same office. Prior to my service on the City Council, I served on the Clear Lake Public Library Trustees Board.

3. Why have you decided to run again?

I have really enjoyed serving on the Clear Lake City Council and wanted to continue to contribute to our community by serving in that capacity for another term.

4. What strengths or insights will you bring to the position?

I believe it is important to provide positive leadership on the Council and I appreciate the collegial approach that our Council and City staff use to deal with issues and to promote our community.

5. What do you see as the top priorities for the community? How can the city best support these priorities?

I think there are several priorities that we continue to emphasize in our leadership of Clear Lake. First, is a commitment to improve our infrastructure and housing development opportunities in a fiscally responsible manner. Secondly, we also continue to focus on creating important amenities that improve the quality of life for Clear Lake residents and visitors to our city. Finally, we always focus on economic development and have had real success in assisting many significant projects get off the ground here in the last few years and we look forward to continuing that momentum.

6. Other comments you may wish to share:

I would just encourage everyone to get out and vote, and I would appreciate everyone’s support. Thank You!



1. Occupation:  

Real Estate Investor

2. How many years have you served in City government? In what capacities?

I have served for eight years on City Council, four years for Ward One and four years At Large.

3. Why have you decided to run again?

I decided to run again because I truly enjoy seeing all the great things the City continues to accomplish on all levels. We have very well run City departments and strong leaders. Being on City Council for me has been enjoyable and rewarding.

4. What strengths or insights will you bring to the position?

My strengths are working and communicating well with all constituents I come in contact with. Working in Real Estate I have a good understanding of building and infrastructure. Some insight I bring to City Council is my ability to take my time, evaluate the big picture, and make decisions based on what is best for the tax payer.

5. What do you see as the top priorities for the community? How can the city best support these priorities?

Some of the top priorities would be to continue promoting business growth big and small, continue to offer incentives to investors that see Clear Lake as a great place to start a business, be mindful of all of our roads and sidewalks to continue the ongoing efforts to have the best and safest streets. A top priority of mine is to have the best possible police and fire station for a town our size. Another priority would be to collaborate with everyone in our community to have awesome entertainment and events. I believe the City can support all the things I have mentioned and more by having an open dialog at all times plus being willing to help fund projects to promote and enhance theCity. We all need to keep in mind we, as a community, are blessed to be virtually debt free and constantly fixing, maintaining, and improving our little City every year.

6. Other comments you may wish to share:

I am looking forward to four more wonderful years on City Council. Please never hesitate to pick up the phone and call to discuss any and all concerns you may have.



1.  Occupation? Retired

2.  How many years have you served in City government?  In what capacities?

I have served 16 years as Mayor, and prior to that, nine years on the Parks and Recreation Board.

3.  Why have you decided to run again?

There are many significant projects underway that I am excited about and look forward to seeing through to completion for our community.  The January, 2022, anticipated opening of the City’s new Wellness Center, chief among them. But also, the redevelopment of the former county maintenance property on S. 15th St.; the opening of the new Marriott Hotel and Event Center; and the commercial development project at U.S. Highway 18 and N. 20th St.

Additionally, I am very encouraged by the opportunity the City has had to bring on new leadership in key department director positions, including Director of Finance; Wellness Center Director; Parks Department; Library Director; and Director of Public Works.  The City has long benefited from strong department management over the years and I look forward to ensuring that the new employees we have placed in these roles are successful.  

Maybe most of all, I am encouraged by the positive relationships the City has established with so many partners in our community, both in the private/business sector, as well as the not-for-profit organizations that are so integral to the City’s success; including the school district and other area local governments.

4.  What strengths or insights will you bring to the position?

Perhaps the most meaningful attribute I can bring to the position is the “continuity of leadership.”  

The City has some very significant projects and initiatives underway and I think it is vital to see them through to fruition.  I also think having lived in Clear lake for 56 years has given me a valuable perspective on being able to build relationships not only within the City government, but also beyond the walls of City Hall, with our vital community partners, as well.

5.  What do you see as the top priorities for the community?  How can the Community best support these priorities?

I don’t think Clear Lake is unique in this regard, but housing opportunities continue to be our most significant challenge.  The City has partnered with developers to incentivize new construction opportunities for subdivisions, but more needs to be done.

The opening of the new Wellness Center, which is being operated by the City, is also a major priority.  This was a significant collaboration between the City and the School District and we need to ensure that it gets off to a good start and is successful.

Continued support of our Main Street businesses.  The City has been very aggressive in supporting new business on Main Avenue and the downtown area overall.  We are blessed to have businesses willing to make investments in our community and the City must continue to offer support to them to provide a downtown that is vibrant and resilient, offering shopping opportunities and experiences for our residents and visitors alike.

Ongoing commitment to water quality initiatives.  For many years now, the City has continued to invest in opportunities to improve upon the water quality of Clear Lake.  I am very thankful for the assistance we have received in this regard from the Association for the Preservation of Clear Lake, under whose aegis many of these initiatives have been spearheaded.  The City must continue to capitalize on opportunities to integrate storm water best management practices in our infrastructure improvement projects.  Over the course of the past 20 years, I do not believe I have ever seen the water quality and clarity this good.

6.  Other comments you may wish to share?

The City needs to continue to be aggressive with upgrading its municipal infrastructure.  I realize these disruptions are never completely pleasant to experience, but having improved water, sewer, streets, and other infrastructure is vital to a desirable community.

I would conclude by saying how pleased I am with the positive relationships that the City has been able to develop with our community partners.  I can truly say from my perspective that it is this cooperation that has made Clear Lake successful.  I am also most appreciative of the confidence that the residents of our community have placed in the City government; without that level of trust, very little could be achieved.

I very much appreciate the past and ongoing support I have received and look forward to continuing to serve as Mayor of Clear Lake for another term.

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