Eligible Iowans encouraged to get vaccinated

Governor addresses wave of hesitancy

by Travis Fischer

The state hit another vaccination milestone last week, but vaccine hesitancy could slow down progress being made towards herd immunity.

During her regular press conference on Wednesday, April 21, Governor Kim Reynolds announced that more than a third of eligible Iowans are now fully vaccinated, making Iowa the 15th most vaccinated state in the country.

Last week 166,336 doses of vaccine were administered, bringing the total doses to 2,227,299. This includes 1,129,873 doses of Pfizer, 1,010,093 doses of Moderna, and 87,333 doses of Janssen’s Johnson and Johnson vaccine.

Another 100,760 Iowans completed their vaccination series last week. With 896,211 completing their two-dose vaccination and another 87,332 receiving the Johnson and Johnson vaccine, this brings the total number of vaccinated Iowans to 983,543.

However, the rate of newly vaccinated Iowans may begin to slow as fewer people are signing up to receive the vaccine.

When the first vaccines were made available, demand vastly outweighed the available supply, creating a struggle to

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