Clear Lake man facing kidnapping charges

A Clear Lake man is facing charges of felony kidnapping after an incident Dec. 19 that spanned multiple counties.

Thyago Miranda, 31, was arrested following an incident that began just before midnight when he allegedly forced a woman into his vehicle and drove her to Worth County.

Court records state Clear Lake police responded to a domestic dispute at approximately 11:25 p.m. at the city’s parking lot on the northeast corner of 1st Avenue South and South 3rd Street.  Miranda allegedly forced the woman into the passenger’s side of his white Mercedes against her will. When she attempted to leave, he slammed her against the side of the car and then forced her back into the vehicle.  Miranda then reportedly drove the woman to rural Worth County, took her cell phone and left her in 20-degree weather.

Clear Lake police arrested Miranda and charged him with third degree kidnapping, a felony, and domestic abuse assault, a misdemeanor.

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