Class of 2022 celebrates

by Marianne Gasaway

Eighty-two seniors received their Clear Lake High School diplomas Sunday amid tears and cheers.

“Wow! We made it here,” proclaimed senior speaker Ashlyn Fread.  “Throughout high school there have always been whispers about how we are ‘That Class,’ but honestly ‘That Class’ has done some amazing things.  We have eight State tournament teams, our band and choir have continued their tradition of receiving 1 ratings, the Clear Lake FFA Chapter was chartered and has been very successful in competitions, advancing one competition to the national level, and the dance team has won nine state titles and one national title.  Each and every one of us here worked hard to get where we are.  We didn’t let any setback or other people’s judgments get in the way of pursuing our passions, whether that be sports, agriculture, music or volunteering. We didn’t let it hold us back from working hard to get here today and plan for our future.”

Senior speaker Layne Lester stressed the word ‘temporary’ in her address to classmates.

“High school was temporary, and now it’s gone. This does not mean that the things that happened throughout our high school, middle school and elementary years have to be forgotten,” she said.  “We have learned how to laugh, face adversity, forgive, grow and some other things I can’t even explain. We are all better people because of these things.  We must all move on from this temporary time in our lives.  We are all temporary, but the impact we have on each other and the world does not have to be temporary.”

Scholarships and awards presented

Clear Lake High School officials have announced the following individual scholarships and awards for members of the CLHS Class of 2022:

Jaden Ainley - Globe Gazette Star Class of 2022 (female athlete), Clear Lake Evening Lions Club Scholarship, Clear Lake Lions Club Scholarship, Cade Pleggenkuhle Memorial Scholarship, PEO Chapter EA, LE, and NW Scholarship, Thurtle Family Scholarship, Nancy Martson Memorial Scholarship, Athletic Scholarship (Des Moines Area Community College)

Emeny Brattrud - Clear Lake Community School Foundation & Alumni Association Scholarship, Worth County Development Authority Scholarship

Mitchel Conway - Promise Scholarship (NIACC), Dr. Tom & Janis Joslyn Education Scholarship

Lukas Deets - Promise Scholarship (NIACC)

Easton DeVries- Cade Pleggenkuhle Memorial Scholarship

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