City considers leasing Wellness Center space to business

by Marianne Gasaway

The Clear Lake City Council will consider leasing space at its new Wellness Center at its Monday, Oct. 4, meeting.

Molencamp Physical Therapy, 800 N. 8th St., is hoping to expand into a larger space within the under-construction wellness center owned by the Clear Lake School District and operated by the City of Clear Lake.  

City Administrator Scott Flory said business owner Tim Molencamp approached Wellness Center Director Adam Long about leasing space at the facility.  

“The concept of a city-owned building leasing to a private entity is not new,” said Flory, adding that spaces which can be maximized for an economic return are beneficial to the City’s goal of keeping the facility operating in the black.  “Physical therapy offers another unique opportunity… It serves the need of the customer already in the Wellness Center.”

Creighton Schmidt, the City’s director of finance, reviewed a draft of a proposed Wellness Center lease with City Council members at their Sept. 20 meeting.  Schmidt said a draft of a lease for an 800 square foot space within their center is being discussed between the parties.  Proposed rent for the space would be $1,950 monthly.  The cost is based upon square footage, estimated utilities and use of equipment, he explained.

The Council will consider the lease at its Oct. 4 meeting and likely set Oct. 18 as a public hearing date for the proposal.

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