Changes coming for golf cart use in community

by Marianne Gasaway

Effective Jan. 1, modifications to the city’s Golf Cart Ordinance will go into effect in an effort to make their operation more safe.

Police Chief Pete Roth presented revisions to the current ordinance during a special City Council meeting Monday morning.  His proposed amendments were based on suggestions made by Council members at a recent workshop session.

Highlights of the amendment, which will be formally adopted in December, are:

•All persons must be seated properly in a golf cart and not seated on another person while in motion on a City street, alley or City-owned property.

•No one may stand in a golf cart while it is in motion.

•All persons under the age of 18 riding in a golf cart in a rear facing seating position must wear a safety belt, safety harness, or seat belt when the golf cart is in motion.

•All rear facing seating areas must have safety or seat belts.

Roth also proposed raising the annual fee

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