Boys tennis team claims NCC title

by Marianne Gasaway

On Saturday, Clear Lake hosted the first-ever North Central Conference Boys Tennis Tournament. The Lions won the conference title with a total of 27 points.  

Fort Dodge St. Edmond finished as runner-up with 20 points.  Webster City was third with nine, followed by Hampton-Dumont-CAL and Iowa Falls-Alden, each with eight points.

Ben Loge and Justin Kerr won the doubles title.  The two only lost 2 games in three matches. 

Jaxson Gerhardt finished second in singles to undefeated Joe Li, of St. Ed’s.  

Cabot Neuberger finished third in singles.  

Jack Crane and Carter Markwardt upset the number two seeds in the first round.  The two ended up finishing third in doubles.

CL 6, South Hardin 0

The Lions prepped for the conference meet with a pair of shutout victories over Hampton-Dumont May 2 and South Hardin at Eldora Thursday, May 5. Sandwiched in-between was a schooling from Decorah, 9-0.

NCC Singles

Quarterfinals - Jaxson Gerhardt (CL) over Carter Koeppen (WC), 8-1

Semi-finals - Gerhardt over Tyson Pohlman (IFA), 8-0

Finals Joe Li (SE) over Gerhardt, 8-1

Quarterfinals -Cabot Neuberger (CL) over Jaxson Rew (HDC), 8-0

Semi-finals - Joe Li (SE) over Neuberger, 8-1

3rd Place - Neuberger over Tyson Pohlman (IFA), 8-4

NCC Doubles

Loge/Kerr (CL) over Wibholm/Dyvig (WC), 8-1

Semi-finals - Loge/Kerr over Meyer/Kolacia (SE), 8-0

Finals - Loge/Kerr over Kordner/Rossmanith (SE), 8-1

Quarterfinals Crane/Markwardt (CL) over #2 Nelson Black (WC), 8-5

Semi-finals Crane/Markwardt lost to Kornder/Rossmanith (SE), 8-3

3rd place - Crane/Markwardt over Meyer/Kolacia (SE), 8-4

CL 9, H-D 0


Gerhardt (CL) over Logan Miller, 10-4

Loge (CL) over Kaden Pohlman, 10-0

Neuberger (CL) over Coleman Condon, 10-0

Kerr (CL) over Jaxson Rew, 10-1

Crane (CL) over Alexis Sosa, 10-0

Markwardt (CL) won by forfeit


Gerhardt/Loge over Miller Pohlman, 10-1

Neuberger/Kerr over Condon/Rew, 10-2

Crane/Markwardt (CL) won by forfeit

Decorah 9, CL 0


Caden Branum (D) over Gerhardt (CL), 6-2, 6-1

Daniel Skrade (D) over Loge, 6-3, 6-1

Landon Baker (D) over Neuberger, 6-2, 6-2

Brendan Hunter (D) over Kerr, 6-3, 6-1

Michael Njus (D) over Crane, 6-4, 6-1

Aidan Nalean Carlson (D) over Markwardt, 6-1, 6-1


Branum/Skrade (D) over Gerhardt/Loge, 6-0, 6-1

Baker/Hunter (D) over Kerr/Crane, 6-0, 6-3

Njus/Nalean-Carlson (D) over Neuberger/Markwardt (CL) 6-2, 6-4

JV Results

Branden Kuhlmeier lost 6-1

Trey Oltoff won 4-3

Owen Smith lost 6-4

Edan Thoe lost 6-0

Kuhlmeier/Olthoff lost 6-3

Joty/Thoe lost 6-0

Smith/Joty lost 6-4

CL 6, South Hardin 0


Gerhardt (CL) over Landon Rewoldt, 8-2

Loge (CL) over Braxton Lu, 8-1

Neuberger (CL) over Daniel Dolan, 8-0

Justin Kerr (CL) over Chase Struck, 8-1


Gerhardt/Loge (CL) over Rewoldt/Lu, 10-2

Neuberger/Kerr (CL) over Dolan/Struck, 10-1

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