Astor mounts a challenge against cancer

(Above) Ethan Astor (right) poses with friends participating in a 72 Hole Great Golf Challenge to support Cancer Research UK.  Astor, a Clear Lake High School graduate (‘05) who now lives and works in London, was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer earlier this year.  A local golf challenge event will be held later this month.-Submitted photo.

by Marianne Gasaway

Ethan Astor is taking action and he invites you to join him.  

The Clear Lake High School graduate (2005), who now lives and works in London, England,  began feeling severely ill in early 2021 and was subsequently diagnosed with Stage 4 biliary tract cancer.  He explains an attempt was made to surgically remove the primary tumor in his bile duct, but was aborted upon the discovery of other malignant tumors in his abdomen. 

“As surgery was considered the only potentially curable option, the next step was to begin chemotherapy immediately. Tough news, but as I’ve long held true and a friend kindly reminded, ‘Tough times don’t last, Tough people do.’”

Ethan said that since his diagnosis he has learned more about his cancer through doctors, other health care providers and personal research. 

“I set a goal to identify a reputable organization contributing towards the advancement of cancer research and treatments. It did not sit well with me that my cancer effectively has no established medical processes or mechanisms in place to prevent, detect or diagnose it at an earlier stage contributing to why the majority of patients receive a bleak outlook. This is surely a challenge with other cancers as are various issues for which further funding is needed to explore a solution.”

In mid-June, as he was almost half way through an eight cycle / 24-week regimen of chemotherapy, Ethan shared through social media that he was “out and about safely in the great city of London and have now been given the green light to start light exercise.”

He was thrilled to be back in the gym and this summer played and walked his first 18 holes of golf

“A partner and I won a competitive four-ball match 1-up. I was just pleased to complete the round, but the score and victory was a massive bonus, as I am effectively building up a new swing from scratch as I recover from the abdominal incisions and loss of strength.  Nonetheless, it’s been great to get the juices flowing again and to have some new challenges.”

Those challenges included holding a 72 hole Great Golf Challenge with a group of family/friends to support Cancer Research UK last weekend.  The challenge included playing 36 holes at Astor’s club, The Royal Blackheath Golf Club on Sunday, followed by another 36 holes at The Berkshire Golf Club on Monday. Related to that, friends and family here in Clear Lake are holding a similar challenge Sept. 19-25.

“With the help of our family and friends, we are supporting Ethan’s efforts here in the US with our own fundraising and 72 Hole Golf Challenge in support of Cancer Research UK,” said Ethan’s mother, Kathy.  

       The local 72 Hole Challenge in 72 Hours includes a four-person best shot Saturday, Sept. 25, at Veteran’s Memorial Golf Course in 

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