All eyes to the sky

Colorful kites brighten winter season

by Michelle Watson

The sky over Clear Lake on Saturday was full of pigs, tropical fish, dragons, cats and horses, and that’s just to name the animals that were flying high in the clear blue sky.  Saturday marked the 19th annual Color The Wind Kite Festival.

It was a perfect day for the Festival with just enough wind, plenty of sunshine and thousands of people that flooded the ice to view the spectacular display of kites.  Larry and Kay Day, organizers of the event, said this year was the best turn-out they’ve ever seen with the crowd estimated at over 12,000.  Kay credits the coverage the kite festival received in 2018 when a segment on the event was broadcast on CBS Sunday Morning. Iowa Public Television also does a good job promoting the event.

“We were truly blessed this year with not one problem,” said Kay.  “We didn’t expect to see the sun, but it came out.  The kites look best against the blue sky.”

“There are tons of things that go on in the summer in Clear Lake, but it’s so nice to be able to get out in the winter and enjoy the weather and this fun event,” said Joni Erwin, of Clear Lake.

Emily Ellerman, from Dallas Center, was in Clear Lake to enjoy her first Color the Wind event.  “Clear Lake is such a cute town, I just love it here and it’s so neat being out on the ice.”

Melanie Olson, from Forest City, said she would definitely be back next year.

The spectators were not the only ones that were enjoying the event.  There were 40-50 kite flyers that not only look forward to displaying their beautiful kites, but also the camaraderie they have with other flyers.   

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