Warm temps delay use of lake aerators

Unseasonably warm weather has delayed the implementation of Clear Lake’s aeration system, according to the Iowa Department of Natural Resources.

“Due to the weather forecast this past weekend and this coming week, I decided to wait on the downtown system until cold temps come,” said DNR Fisheries Biologist Scott Grummer.  “Looking at the 10-day forecast, I will likely wait until after Jan 1 to initiate that system.”

Despite the warm temperatures, Grummer noted the aeration system on the west end of the lake, near the Regular Baptist Camp, will be in operation soon due to its shallow piping.

“If that pipe freezes, I cannot get air down the line.  The downtown system has a deeper buried pipe under the city swim beach,” explained Grummer.

The aerators are located on the east shore in front of the water treatment plant and the north shore near the pump station west of Venetian Village.  Unsafe ice in the vicinity of the aerators will vary depending on the weather.  When the aerators are in use, the open water is marked with reflective thin ice signs.  The aerators are designed to reduce the probability of winter fish kill in an attempt to maintain water quality and a quality fishery.

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