Walkers of the world step foot in CL

by Marianne Morf

        Joan Lampart and Cookie Loughran chuckle about the walks they used to take.
    They took the same, boring three-mile walk up and down the same avenue over and over.  Then they heard about an event organized by a walking group which sounded like fun.  The friends, who at that time lived in Pennsylvania, traveled to Delaware to take part.  And although they still remember some aches and pains which resulted from the walk, the two got a start on an adventure which has taken them to almost every state in the nation and beyond.

    The American Volkssport Association is holding its annual convention in Iowa this year.  On Monday, Clear Lake and Mason City were designated walks for group members.  Monday morning, over 500 walkers enjoyed untamed and non-competitive walks through the community.  Designated 5K and 10K routes took walkers through some of Clear Lake’s most scenic areas, including the North Lakeview walkway to the Sea Wall, downtown and Central Gardens.  North Shore landmarks, such as the “pyramid house,” and attractions like The Fort Custer Maze were included in the longer trek.
    “Many of us have a goal of walking in all 50 states-- and its goals like that which bring us to places like Clear Lake,” said Cookie, who is just nine states short of her 50 state goal. 
    Joan has already surpassed the 50 state mark, but said she never tires of seeing new places-- especially on foot.
    “We’re in no rush.  We can just sit and look at the lake if we want,” she said, graciously stopping at the Sea Wall to visit. “It’s a marvelous experience just to get out here.”
    Cookie’s sister, Mary, is a relative newcomer to the Volkssport experience.  The Iowa event is just her second convention, however she was looking forward to it because she was once a Vista volunteer in Mason City and remembered coming to Clear Lake. 
    Participants began and ended their walks at the Surf Ballroom, where they had - Read More Via e-Edition

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