Ventura, G-H voters favor consolidation

Measure earned 93 percent approval


Voters in Ventura and Garner-Hayfield School Districts overwhelmingly voted Tuesday to consolidate their districts, effective July 1, 2015. Overall, 93 percent of voters approved of the reorganization.

 In Ventura, the vote was 351-51; in the Garner-Hayfield district the margin of approval was 602-22.
Consolidation of the two school districts will result in a higher tax rate for those living in the Ventura School District, while those in Garner-Hayfield will see a reduction in the school portion of their tax bill. Ventura’s current tax rate is $8.88, while Garner-Hayfield’s current tax rate is $11.18.  A hypothetical tax rate of the two schools combined for the current school year would be $9.10, according to state school finance specialist Larry Sigel.  
Consolidation will create a GHV School District which covers 202 square miles with a taxable valuation of $472 million.
Passage of the measure means a third Board of Education is now required.  The newly created board will make all decisions regarding the newly created GHV District.  
The board will be comprised of seven members initially, whittled down to a five-member board by the 2019 school board election. The new seven-member board will be appointed by the two current boards.  Garner-Hayfield will appoint four members and Ventura will appoint two members.  Those six must unanimously - Read More Via e-Edition 

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