Ventura firefighters continue to pay it forward

(Above) Members of the Ventura Fire Department stopped in Storm Lake March 2 to show members of that fire department the new truck they picked up from Toyne Apparatus.  In 2018, Storm Lake gifted the VFD with a truck it had recently retired after Ventura’s pumper truck was damaged in an accident and a replacement was not readily available.  Now that their new truck is in service, Ventura paid forward the generosity by giving the Storm Lake truck to the Meservey Fire Department.  Pictured at the stop in Storm Lake are Ventura firefighters (L-R) Daryl Heinemann, Pete Cash, Andy Carter, Bill Bredlow, Jake Whitehurst, Doug Phinney, Chief John Quintus, Robert Black, Robert Powers, Storm Lake Fire Chief Mike Jones, and VFD firefighter Jim Sholly.-Submitted photo.

by Marianne Gasaway

In November 2018, a rollover accident took Ventura’s 2000 Freightliner Pumper fire truck out of commission.   But in the true spirit of firefighter brotherhood, the Storm Lake Fire Department offered its retired 1981 Hendickson fire engine to the City of Ventura free of charge.  Last week it was Ventura’s turn to pay it forward.  

VFD firefighters delivered the Storm Lake truck to the Meservey Fire Department, which is challenged to afford major equipment purchases.

“We’re a small community and its hard to come by stuff, so we really appreciate this,” said Meservey Fire Chief Jordan White.  “A few things need a little TLC, but it looks like Storm Lake and Ventura both took good care of the truck and once we get some supplies on it, it’ll be ready for use.”

The truck won’t be the newest in the Meservey Fire Station, but its 1,250 gallon pump is considerably larger than the only other pumper truck.   

“It gives us a backup and a larger capacity, so that’s nice to have available,” added White.

Ventura Fire Chief John Quintus said it was always the plan to pass the Storm Lake truck on to another department with a need once a new fire engine was ready for Ventura.

“We are forever grateful that Storm Lake gifted us that truck and are happy it will be put to good use,” said Quintus.

Fittingly, as Ventura firefighters made their way home from the Toyne Apparatus Company March 2 with their new engine,  they stopped in Storm Lake to once again thank that department for generously giving them a truck while they waited for a new one to be built. 

The 1373, as it is called, features a custom cab able to accommodate six firefighters.  It has a 1,200 gallon water tank and a pump which operates at 1,500 gallons per minute, as well as ample storage for tools and water rescue equipment.  Quintus described the truck as combination pumper and rescue truck.  

The truck was purchased for $460,000, however the insurance settlement to replace the totaled 20-year-old truck provided a majority of the funding.

At the time of the 2018 accident, Chief Quintus had already been visiting

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