Ventura City Council reviews plans for new water treatment plant

by Rebecca Peter

Site plans for the new water treatment plant at Ventura were reviewed by the Ventura City Council, Dec. 14. City Engineer Jason Petersburg reported that the plans have been approved by the Department of Natural Resources.

Petersburg discussed possible locations for a backup generator that would power the new water treatment plant and City Hall in the event of a power outage. He said that a diesel generator must be located at least 100-feet away from a well. A generator that uses LP or natural gas can be placed within 100 feet of a well, giving the council more options for the location of the generator.

Councilman Pete Cash suggested looking into a generator that uses natural gas instead of diesel. Petersburg will look into natural gas and LP generators options for the project.

Petersburg also presented a preliminary plan on how the project will be funded. Current estimates have a projected cost of approximately $3.2 million.

The project will be funded through a combination of water revenue funding and general obligation debt, according to Petersburg.

East Lake Street

Petersburg presented two options for two additional speed tables on East Lake Street. Option one: the speed tables are spaced approximately 1,000 feet apart. Option two: the speed tables are approximately 780 feet apart.   Option two would be most effective with the closer spacing, Petersburg said.

    Mayor Joe Schmit said he was in favor of another speed table on East Lake St.  However, Councilman Pete Cash was not in favor of adding another speed table. Clear Lake Police Chief Peter Roth said speed tables do work and are a 24/7 monitoring system.

The council tabled action on the speed table matter until the Dec. 28 meeting.

In other business, the council voted

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