Truck line is first tenant in new I-35 development

(Above) This photo shows an Old Dominion Freight Line building similar to one which will be constructed this year on North 32nd Street in Clear Lake.  The Clear Lake facility will have 31 doors for trucks and a small office.  The lot will be concrete. There is room for expansion and a future fueling station for the $5 million project.-Photo supplied by Chase Construction.

No word yet on likely hotel and convention center

by Marianne Gasaway

Clear Lake City Council members unanimously approved a preliminary plat for development east of Interstate 35 which many consider one of the community’s most significant economic moves in decades.

The preliminary plat for the Courtway Park Subdivision was passed by the city’s Planning and Zoning Commission last week and endorsed by the Council Monday night.  The 64-acre tract of land which formerly was occupied by Andrews Prestresssed Concrete, is located on the north side of State Highway 122 between I-35 and North 32nd Street.

The preliminary plat divides the area into 11 lots.  The southern portion of the land, identified as lots 1-6, will be zoned as “highway commercial,” while lots 7-11 on the northern portion will be zoned “light industrial.”

Final approval has been granted for Old Dominion Freight Line to construct a 31-door terminal for truck backup with small office on lot 11 on the northern most lot fronting North 32nd Street.  Old Dominion, headquartered in Thomasville, N.C., reported revenue exceeding $4 billion in 2018, according to Forbes.  The business is a “less than truckload” national shipping company.

Greg Estes, senior construction manager for Chase Construction of Nashville, Tenn., represented Old Dominion at the P&Z meeting to explain the $5 million project which will provide five to 10 full-time jobs.  The area will be fenced and have room for future expansion.

Old Dominion currently has a smaller facility located in Mason City’s industrial park.  Corporate officials did not respond to a question about whether that will close when the building in Clear Lake is completed.  The Clear Lake terminal will be approximately three times larger than the existing building in Mason City, they said.

“The best description is that it’s like an airport,” Estes told P&Z members.  “Trucks come in, things get moved to another truck and it gets moved out.”  He estimated there would be about 20 trucks in and out every day moving freight all around the area.  “They haul everything, anything you can imagine.  Somebody said 90-percent of what you touch in a day is hauled on a truck,” said Estes. “If you go on the dock, you’ll see anything from lawn mowers to cookies.”

Construction on the Old Dominion Freight Line facility is expected to begin next month.

It was anticipated that the P&Z would also  consider a hotel/convention center project within the Courtway Park Subdivision, however no project was presented Tues-

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