The ice is OUT!

Water Department Superintendent Adam Theiss has declared the 2021 “ice-out”date on Clear Lake as Tuesday, March 23.  At the time of ice-out the lake measured 0.48 inches below the weir.  

Despite a winter in which there was not a great deal of snowfall, the number is significantly higher than the lake level at the time ice-in was called on Dec. 1, 2020.  Just prior to freezing over, the level was reported as -6.48 inches below the weir.

The earliest date that ice-out has occurred is March 5, 1931.  The latest was April 28, 1951.

The earliest ice-in date on record is Nov. 4, 1991; the latest on record is Dec. 24, 2001.

-Reporter file photo by Chris Barragy

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