Taylor enters retirement after 28 years as Ventura city clerk

by Marianne Gasaway

Else Taylor, who is only the third city clerk in Ventura’s history, is now enjoying life as a retired Ventura resident.  Taylor officially stepped down from her position Tuesday, July 20, after 28 years of service to the community.

It’s been a career filled with change, challenge, progress and certainly a few laughs.

Taylor began working for the City of  Ventura after City Clerk Dick Bachman passed away in 1993.  Prior to Bachman, the only other City Clerk the community has known was Curt Christensen, who stepped down in 1960.

“Dick Bachman received the delivery of the first new computer for the City at 10 a.m. and he passed away the same day at 3 p.m.,” said Taylor.  “I don’t think many of our local residents were interested in the job opening and I didn’t know what it really involved.”

She recalls walking into a City Hall that had some smoke-stenched boxes strewn about and a new computer in a box.

“Nothing was in a file folder, only hastily dumped in a box.  Most of the important information that I needed to know was lost the day he died.  Tom Lincoln (former Clear Lake City Administrator) came over one day to assess the situation.  He shook his head and walked out.”

In her own way, Taylor made sense of the system and developed her own to help the commun-

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