Sukup bins are setting for farm rescue movie

(Above) A crew of 45 arrived in North Iowa in mid-August for a two week stay.  Three members of the Clear Lake  Fire Department were enlisted to help depict actual grain bin entrapment rescue techniques. Sukup employees also took part.-Submitted photo.

Clear Lake firefighters help in scenes filmed at Mason City Airport

Seeing a teenager frantically pushing grain away from himself as he’s sinking deeper into corn is terrifying even if you know it’s just a scene from a movie.

For those who have lost a family member to grain entrapment, it might be too much to see, Diane Hughes, sales director at Sukup Manufacturing Co., said quietly after watching on a monitor during filming in North Iowa.

Inspired by true events, the yet-to-be-named movie depicts 24 hours in a small Midwestern farming community where, due to carelessness and bad luck, a young farmhand gets trapped in a grain bin and rescuers struggle to get him out.

It’s a scenario that is repeated too often on family farms, but not one that a lot of people outside of the Midwest know about, said the movie’s New York-based producer, Samuel Goldberg. After a director pitched the idea to him four years ago, screenwriting began. Two years ago when scouting out filming locations, Goldberg learned about Sukup Manufacturing Co. and asked the family-owned company to design bins that could be used for film

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