Studying Ants

If we pay close attention, ants can provide some valuable life lessons

by Lowell Washburn

I bought another small farm last week.  I’m still pretty excited about that.  OK, so I should probably note that it’s only a plastic Ant Farm, but I’m excited just the same.

I know you might be wondering why a guy my age would purchase a product that’s normally found in the kiddie section of the local hobby shop.  Good question.  I don’t really know what started it all, but I’ve been fascinated with ants for about as long as I can remember.  Much of my early knowledge was obtained from places like the grade school newspaper, My Weekly Reader or National Geographic Magazine.  What I learned was amazing.  Some ants, for example, can lift up to 50 times their weight; the equivalent of a first-grader singlehandedly lifting your car off the ground and holding it over his head.  I learned that ants are among the most abundant creatures on earth, outnumbering humans by more than 1.5 million to one.  In some habitats, ants

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