Sportsman’s Paradise Ventura consider water tower design

The residents of Ventura are thinking of having a little fun with their water tower.

The town, which is the self-proclaimed  “Iowa’s Sportsman Paradise,” is considering repainting its tower to resemble a fishing bobber.

The water tower, which was put up back in 1978 along Highway 18, just behind City Hall, typically receives a new coat of paint about every 12 years, according to City Clerk Else Taylor.  Keeping with that schedule, the tower is due for new paint next year.  Cost of the project, which also includes painting the interior of the tower, is estimated at $125,000 to $150,000.

The City has placed a survey on its website to give its residents a chance to vote for their favorite paint scheme for the water tower.  Three of the prospective looks feature a red and white tank, which resemble a fishing bobber.  The tower’s legs are shown in either, red, white, or blue.  Another option on the survey is for the tower to remain entirely blue.

To vote for your favorite color scheme for Ventura’s water tower, go to,  Our City, About us, and scroll down to Online poll.

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