Traffic tips for those heading to the CL vs. MC football game Friday night


The following is information from Mason City High School regarding traffic flow around the complex due to construction. Those planning to attend Friday’s football game at MCHS should be aware of the following:

Highway 122 is under construction in front of the high school, and it will take about four more weeks to complete 

the project.  The new entrance/exit for the high school needs to be marked but this cannot be done until the paving is completed on Highway 122.  Therefore, in order to maintain optimal safety, the MCHS entrance/exit off of Highway 122 will be closed until the construction work has been completed.  The drive in front of Mason City High School (Mohawk Blvd.) will be open and will remain open along with all campus parking.  The drive behind  John Adams Middle School/Mason City High School which begins at the Alternative High School will be closed to traffic.  

Friday Night MCHS vs. Clear Lake football game traffic should plan to enter the MCHS Campus from Illinois Avenue.  After the varsity football game, with the help of Mason City Police Department, fans parking in the south lot will exit the campus by the Highway 122 entrance/exit exiting to the west.   Those fans parking in the east lot will exit onto Illinois Avenue.  Once the south lot is clear, the Highway 122 exit and the Illinois exit will be available for those fans in the east parking lot.   If parents are planning to just drop off their student, they should plan to pick them up at the Alternative School parking lot (this is northeast of John Adams Middle School).

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