CL boys tennis team defeats Lynx

     The Lions boys tennis team traveled to Webster City on April 9 and came away with a 9-0 victory in very windy conditions.  Luke Schiller and Austin Anderson led the way with a 10-1 and 10-0 win respectively.
Jerry Kockler (CL) over Jared Doolittle 10-8
Paul Raner (CL) over Derek Turner 10-5

JJ Theobald (CL) over Tom Wangkhom 10-8
Luke Schiller (CL) over Dilan Griffin 10-1
Austin Anderson (CL) over Christian Hippen 10-0
Alex Blum (CL) over Kenton Johnson 10-7
Kockler/Raner (CL) over Doolittle/Turner 10-4
Schiller/Anderson (CL) over Wangkhom/Griffen 10-5
Theobald/Ian Davis (CL) over Hippen/Johnson 10-4
JV Results
Andrew Davis/CJ Nichols won 6-4 and 6-2
Troy Jandebeur/Cody Anderson won 6-1
Brian Demro/Nick Chizek won 6-1
John Glynn/Grant Holbrook won 6-2
Brad Hillyer/Tashmet Khan lost 6-3

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