A win and a loss for CL boys tennis team

(Above) Clear Lake’s Mac Adams returns a volley during recent tennis action. 

Inclement weather in Clear Lake put the Clear Lake boys tennis team on the road twice last week for matches.  The Lion split matches with tough opponents.

Boone 9, CL 0

An experienced Boone team handled the Lions 9-0.

“Boone has a very experienced team with six seniors in their line up. They are a top four team in the state,” said Coach Rich Peters.  “The Lions overall made too many unforced errors.  It was good to get out and play and see what we need to work on.”


Mason Hulse (B) over Mac Adams, 6-4 6-1

Jackson Zehr (B) over Hunter Gerhardt, 6-1 6-0

Corbin Wuffel (B) over Aaron Blum, 6-2 6-2

Cody Frame (B) over Carter Olk, 6-0  6-0

Jimmy Boustead (B) over Noah Mason, 6-0 6-0

Jackson Smith (B) over Duke Olthoff, 6-1  6-4


Hulse/Wuffel over Adams/Gerhardt, 6-3  6-0

Zehr/Frame over Blum/Olk, 6-1  6-2

Boustead/Smith over Mason/Olthoff, 6-2  6-1

Junior varsity

Jackson Loge/Cael Crispin lost 8-1

Cael Crispin/Duke Olthoff lost 8-4

Gage Bendickson lost 8-1

Andrew Kallenbach/Gage Bendickson lost 8-2

Jackson Loge lost 8-4

Cael Crispin lost 8-0

Garrett Gannon/Brody Kuhlmeier lost 6-1

Nathan Lollar/Cale Schmitz lost 6-1

Kanon Goeman/Brody Kuhlmeier lost 6-3

Garrett Gannon/Cale Schmitz lost 7-5

Brody Kuhlmeier/Cale Schmitz lost 6-4

Garrett Gannon/Kanon Goeman lost 6-0

Nathan Lollar/Brody Kuhlmeier lost 3-2

CL 6, Decorah 3

The Lions made the journey to Decorah on April 20 and came away with a hard-fought 6-3 victory over the Vikings.

“We played much better than Thursday,” said Coach Peters.  “The team showed a lot of toughness, as five of the nine matches went to super tiebreakers.”


Aiden Hunter over Mac Adams (CL), 6-4  6-1

Billy Lange over Hunter Gerhardt (CL), 6-1  6-3

Aaron Blum (CL) over Joe Holland, 2-6, 7-5, 11-9

Carter Olk (CL) over Kaj Spencer, 6-1, 6-3

Noah Mason (CL) ovr Rex Huinker, 7-5  7-5

Erik McHenry (CL) over Gabe Anderson, 7-5, 2-6, 10-3


1.  Adams/Gerhardt (CL) over Hunter/Lange,  6-2, 4-6, 10-5

2.  Holland/Spencer over Blum/Olk (CL), 7-6(5), 4-6, 10-8

3.  Mason/McHenry (CL) over Huinker/Anderson, 7-6(5), 4-6, 10-8

Junior varsity

Jackson Loge/Andrew Kallenbach won 6-2

Jackson Loge tied 4-4

Jackson Loge won 6-2

Andrew Kallenbach lost 5-3

Andrew Kallenbach lost 6-2

Garrett Gannon/Cael Crispin won 11-10

Brody Kuhlmeier/Kanon Goeman won 8-4

Nathan Lollar/Gavin Rich lost 8-1

Cael Crispin/Garret Gannon won 6-4

Nathan Lollar/Kanon Goeman won 7-5

Brody Kuhlmeier/Gavin Rich lost 6-1

Brody Kuhlmeier lost 6-3

Kanon Goeman won 6-2

Nathan Lollar lost 8-6

Nathan Lollar lost 6-0

Gavin Rich lost 6-1

Cael Crispin lost 6-4

Garrett Gannon lost 6-1

Brody Kuhlmeier won 6-4

Gavin Rich lost 6-0

Gavin Rich lost 6-0

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