Special feature makes this parking lot above the ordinary

    It isn’t everyday a community holds a ribbon cutting for a new parking lot.  But then again, this isn’t just any parking lot.
    Officials from the City of Clear Lake, V.F.W. Post 4868, Chamber of Commerce, Association for the Preservation of Clear Lake and others cheered Thursday as a new parking lot behind the V.F.W. on South 3rd Street was declared officially open.

    The cheers were followed by oohs and ahs, as a City truck dumped 2,000 gallons of water on the lot.  The water drained down the slope of the lot, toward a strip of porous concrete which seemed to magically absorb it.
    Mayor Nelson Crabb aptly described the special concrete as looking like a pan of Rice Krispie® bars.  The pavement absorbs sheeting water and helps to filter it as it enters the storm sewer system.  Crabb noted storm water in the area flows to the lake, so filtration efforts, such as the porous concrete and the rain gardens also used in the area, are extremely important.
    “We must be careful.  What goes in this storm water drain goes to the lake.  The cleaner we keep it, the cleaner our lake will be,” said Crabb.
    The parking lot was also celebrated as an unusual, - Read More Via e-Edition

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