Snyder Construction awarded beach project contract

by Marianne Gasaway

Dean Snyder Construction, of Clear Lake, has been awarded the contract for the first phase of the City Beach Enhancement Project.

The City Council approved the company’s bid of $220,000, plus $130 per cubic yard of contaminated soil removed during the project at its Monday night Council meeting.  Snyder’s bid was the only one received for the work.

The estimated cost of the project was $230,000, plus $45 per cubic yard for the removal and replacement of contaminated soil.

“While the unit price bid for contaminated soil is significantly over what the City has estimated, the contractor and City will work together on that item to contain costs as much as possible,” stated City Administrator Scott Flory.  “However, it is something of an unknown as to whether or not it will even be an issue, or to what extent.”

The history of the site includes evidence of coal tar.  Soil borings will be taken to more precisely identify any contaminated soil areas.

Phase 1 of the project includes construction of watermain, demolition of the existing pump shed adjacent to the Water Treatment Plant building that houses the DNR lake aerator pumps and equipment; construction of a temporary shed to house the aerator pumps through this coming winter; and the demolition of the existing restroom structure.

The first phase of the project is scheduled to start next week, with the temporary shed to be completed so the aerator system can be operational by Nov. 15. The first phase completion date is scheduled for Thanksgiving.

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