School Board approves sharing agreements

The Clear Lake School Board gave its approval Monday to a 28-E agreement with the Mason City Community School District to continue a sharing agreement for the services of Superintendent of Schools Anita Micich.  This will be the second year of the agreement.
    The one year agreement stipulates a 60/40 split between the Mason City and Clear Lake districts for salary and benefits.  It keeps Micich’s salary at $177,500.  Clear Lake’s portion of that is $71,000; Mason City’s portion of the salary is $106,500.

    In a change from the first year of the sharing agreement, the school districts will now evenly pay for Micich’s travel and professional development, as well as other costs which would benefit both districts. 
    “Anita’s evacuation reflects the positive work she has done on behalf of both districts,” said Clear Lake Board President Tom Lovell in his notes to the Board.  “She has risen to the challenge to be shared between a 3A and 4A district, a task that many would not take on and - Read More Via e-Edition

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