Scam costs local resident thousands

Clear Lake area residents are being put on alert about a gift card scam circulating in the area.

On Thursday, Dec. 20, the Cerro Gordo County Sheriff’s Office received a report from a county resident believing they had been scammed. The responding sheriff’s deputy was told by the resident that they had been using their personal computer in their home when they noticed a pop-up screen that appeared to come from the Microsoft Corporation. The pop-up stated they needed to update their computer and provided a number to call.

The resident called the number provided and contacted a female, who then transferred the call to a male. The male instructed the resident to go to a business in Clear Lake and purchase a gift card. The resident was told that this was necessary to fix the computer issue.

The resident went to a business in Clear Lake and purchased a specific gift card. The gift card number was provided to the male, who was still in phone contact with the resident.

The resident was led to believe they would be reimbursed for the original gift card expense by buying additional gift cards. The resident purchased several more gift cards and provided the gift card num-

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