Reynolds lifts restrictions on athletic spectators

by Travis Fischer

Governor Kim Reynolds renewed the COVID-19 Public Health Disaster proclamation for the New Year on Thursday, Jan. 7, extending most of the existing public health measures and modifying others for another month.

Notably, as of Jan. 8, the spectator limit for sporting events has been lifted. Previously spectators at high school sporting events were limited to two visitors per student participating.  (See Clear Lake High School’s admission policy on page 2).

Social distancing between groups of spectators is still required to be enforced by event organizers and masks are still mandatory for all spectators and non-athletic participants during the gathering.

The current Public Health Proclamation still maintains many of the rules and regulations that have been in place for most of last year, including some of the restrictions implemented during November’s spike in cases.

Community social and leisure events, such as weddings, festivals, fundraisers, or other such gatherings, are limited to 10 people unless the organizer ensures that all participants maintain six feet of distance between each group.

Likewise, all businesses are to take reasonable precautions to ensure the health of their employees and customers, including utilizing employee screening and social distancing practices.

For most people, the use of masks or face coverings is still mandated in any indoor public space where people will be within six feet of each other for more than 15-minutes.

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