Reynolds congratulates CLB&T on award

(Above) Governor Kim Reynolds (center) made a stop at CLB&T to congratulate the bank as the Give Back to Iowa Challenge winner.

Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds made a special stop in Clear Lake Tuesday to congratulate Clear Lake Bank & Trust as the Give Back Iowa Challenge Winner for medium sized Iowa businesses.

The Give Back Iowa Challenge was created for businesses to encourage their employees to volunteer during an eight-week challenge. The 2019 Give Back Iowa Challenge had 49 participating organizations representing over 45,000 employees in Iowa.

Reynolds thanked CLB&T employees for their dedication and shared with them that volunteering not only makes a difference in the towns across the state, but helps the state’s economy, as well.

“The statistics show that employers that encourage their employees to volunteer and give back, their productivity goes up, they’re more engaged, they love their job, and so it’s a win-win on so many levels,” said Renolds.

CLB&T employees racked up 819.30 hours of volunteer time in last spring’s challenge period.

Last month Reynolds said she is creating a new policy to encourage state employees to volunteer.

“I’ve seen the impact.  I’ve seen the results that it has not only on the company, but the employees, and that’s why we’re starting up a volunteer


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