Remember When 8-21-2019

Bayside trainArt “Andy” Anderson owned and operated this little steam train to the delight of thousands of small fry from 1955 until 1957 at Bayside.  He says, “The locomotive was known as American Standard 4-4-0.  The year this picture was taken the train carried 16,000 passengers.  The charge was 10¢.  It was licensed by the state, inspected every year, had a certificate for safety.  We had a few derailments, but no one was injured and my whistle could be heard by many on the north side of the lake.”

By Michelle Watson

25 Years Ago

August 1994

The old miners used to claim “there’s gold in them there hills!”  Now, Clear Lake merchants are inviting the public to dig for diamonds in the street this Saturday.  Main Street merchants will sponsor a “Diamond Dig” at 1 p.m. near the Ben Franklin Store.  All those age 18 and over are invited to participate for the chance to find one of two real diamonds in a sand pile.  The pile will also include cubic zirconia stones, which closely resemble diamonds.  The two real diamonds, each weighing at least .20, have been donated for the event by Christensen Jewelry and Patterson Jewelry, both of Clear Lake.

A $5,000 donation has helped to spur the efforts of a newly formed committee to improve playgrounds at Ventura schools.  Nieman’s Ltd., of Ventura, has donated $5,000 to improve playgrounds at the two Ventura school buildings.  The money provides a solid start to a fund raising campaign to raise $40,000 for playground improvements.

Dr. James and Mary Ann Hendricks have been honored as “Friends of Education” in Clear Lake by the Clear Lake Educational Association.  Dr. Hendricks is a past school board member and has served as the doctor on the football field for many years.  Mary Ann has served, and is presently serving, on various committees in the school district, including the 280.12 committee, AFS Committee and Vocational Advisory Committee.

A Clear Lake man has told police he was followed from his home to a gravel road north of town and shot in the leg by an attacker early Sunday morning.  The man was treated and released at North Iowa Mercy Health Centers.  Police are continuing to investigate the incident.

Clear Lake High School seniors are invited to attend the Senior Breakfast, Thursday, Aug. 25, at Pine Tree Park, in Clear Lake.

Clubs featuring news in the “Club News” section include: Oaf-Ways Computer Users Group, Clear Lake Women’s Club, Ventura Federated Garden Club, Clear Lake Lioness Club and the Clear Lake Rotary Club.

The Clear Lake Woman’s Club will start its year with a Tour of Homes, for members only.  Three homes will be visited this year they are: Cliff and Norma Stephenson, 15 Timberlane Dr.; Daphne Goldberg, Harbourage Pilot House; and Charles and Kathy MacNider, 441 North Shore Drive.

The building, formerly known as the Teratorn building, will become the home of Clear Lake Boats by mid-October.  The 14,000 square foot facility will house all aspects of the business, according to owner Todd Larson.  Clear Lake Boats purchased the building from Joe Minard, who in turn bought the Clear Lake Boats building on the lake on South Shore Drive.

Dan N. Ahnemann has opened Lake Lanes at 514 Buddy Holly Place (formerly Melodee Lanes).

Turn out and general enthusiasm were excellent at the recent volleyball camp for the Clear Lake Lions, according to new Head Coach James Brockway.  Brockway served as volleyball assistant coach at Ventura High School for four years before taking the Clear Lake position.

The Clear Lake football team will be in a new district this season which sends them east for the majority of their games.

50 Years Ago

August 1969

Migrating waterfowl visiting two wildlife areas maintained by the Cerro Gordo County Conservation Board will find plenty of good feeding in future years.  Monday, the board planted 250 wild rice plants at Mallard Marsh, north of Ventura, and Zirbel Slough, near Burchinal.  The rice plants will grow about two inches a day.

Earle P. Leslie, superintendent of Ventura Community Schools, has announced classes will begin Aug. 26.

Marlys Van Horn announced that she has purchased the Sunny’s Discount Store from Larry Uhrich and will take possession immediately.  The double-front store is on Main Ave. and will be named Clear Lake Variety.  It is being re-stocked with new merchandise of various brands.  Mrs. Van Horn has been employed as manager of the Ben Franklin store for the past seven years.

Mrs. Ray (Mayme) Nichols plans to open the new Nichols Shop on Saturday.  The store, in the former location of Koeneman’s Dress Shop, is at 407 Main Ave.,  The store has been completely remodeled, decorated and carpeted.  Nichols for many years operated the former Nichols Shop at 423 Main Ave.

60 Years Ago

August 1959

A drowning scare ended happily after Teresa Morrisey, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. M.H. Morrisey, was found happily playing on a beach north of the park.  She had been the object of a search by Harold Cole, park custodian, Clear Lake firemen and volunteers.

Mr. and Mrs. B. Dayton Merriman, former owners of Clear Lake Publishing Co., have purchased the Service Printing Co., Waterloo.

Governor’s Day visitors took advantage of a Sunday morning breakfast in P.M. Park, which was followed by a ride on the “Princess.”  This was part of the entertainment, which has become a tradition, right down to the fried potatoes for breakfast.

This year’s rainfall to date measure 18.1” with 1.60” falling in July.

100 Years Ago

August 1919

J.J. Frederickson is improving his blacksmith shop.  The shop is on the ground to be occupied by the Havenhill garage.  He has decided to build a shop on his own lot, next to the alley, facing the Mason City and Sons Garage.

Lester Barlow has been in town visiting his parents, Mr. and Mrs. George Barlow.  Lester is the bomb inventor, whose inventions did much to overcome Germany.

The Methodists will have their annual Sunday School picnic this year at East Park, Mason City.  Bring a well-filled basket, two lemons, one cup of sugar, a knife, fork, spoon and a bright and happy disposition.  Autos will be waiting at the church to take revelers to Mason City.

Lt. Ormer Locklear, while flying 80 miles per hour, will change from one airplane to another, scampering to all parts of a flying plane less than 100 feet from the ground.

Last week, Anton Larson lost several valuable cattle when they escaped from the pasture and wandered out onto the Milwaukee tracks.

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