Remember When 5-2-2018

(Left) Clear Lake prom 1968 - Lovely girls, handsome boys, good music and a delightful atmosphere added up to a memorable evening for the juniors and seniors in 1968 at the Clear Lake High School prom.  The prom was held in the high school gym.

(Right) Ventura prom 1968 - A good time was had by all at the Ventura prom in 1968.  Amid cork screw curls and long dresses, the Ventura High School students danced the night away at the Junior Senior Prom held Saturday night at the grade school auditorium.

25 Years Ago • May 1993

The City of Clear Lake may be getting closer to announcing a tenant for the recently acquired Unisys building.  The city and Clear Lake Business and Industrial Development Corporation have been working with a prospect sine last winter, according to City Administrator Tom Lincoln.  He declined to name the company.

Dale and Lynn Owens are working to restore the Rasmussen Building at 417 Main Ave. to its former beauty and profitability. The couple, from Spokane, Wash., moved to Clear Lake to pursue the building’s remodeling.  Their hard work has paid off, with three new retailers to open their doors this month at the site.  Terry Cunningham, Irene Bock, Linda Boleneus and Lisa Kuhlemeier will open Hidden Treasures, a craft mini-mall in the lower level of the Rasmussen building.  Randy Danhour will manage the Great American Active Wear outlet and Jennifer Aydelotte is the owner of Tanning Plus, a business that offers tanning, manicures, pedicures, facials and waxing.

Chamber of Commerce officials seem to have successfully defused a potential powder keg concerning the upcoming Fourth of July parade.  Executive director Mark Snell said the Chamber’s board of directors approved a recommendation by the Fourth of July Committee that the annual parade be held Monday, July 5, rather than Saturday, July 3, as previously considered.  Snell acknowledged some local businesses voiced their opposition to a Saturday parade, saying it would be a blow to their business economically.

Twelve Clear Lake High School students were inducted into the Semper Fidelis Chapter of the National Honor Society.  New members include: Sara Leonard, Tony Skinner, Michelle Harris, Katie Crabb, Julie McLaughlin, Libby Kappmeyer, Lesley Simmering, Hilary Reynolds, Liz McNamara, Melinda Easley, Ryan Taylor and Kyle Doerges.

Area school boards were recognized during National School Board week.  Members of the Clear Lake School Board include: Dave Hopper, Bill Kennedy, Ron Andrews, Mark Ostrander and Larry Hoffman.  Members of the Ventura School Board include: Marcia McNulty, Nancy Watson, Larry Costello, The Rev. Daird Korth, Dave Pueggel and Larry Eichmeier.

Amy Melinda Dunn and John Patrick Finstad were married Oct. 9, 1992 at St. Patrick’s Catholic Church, Clear Lake, with the Rev. Mr. Leo Stattelmann and Pastor David Burling officiating at the candlelight service.  Parents of the bride are Richard and Shirley Dunn, of Clear Lake.  Parents of the groom are Richard and Becky Finstad, of Clear Lake.

A new twist in dining and entertainment in Clear Lake has been announced.  Brent Leigh Productions will open its doors at 800 N. 8th St.on May 28.  Customers will experience a five-star dinner, entertainment and an after dinner show.

The Clear Lake girls golf team continued their climb from pretender to contender in the North Central Conference with wins in two of their three meets.  The Lions have benefitted from their balance, with three different girls leading the team at different meets, Katie Crabb, Ally Monson and Alecia Arends.

The Ventura girls track team turned in several strong performances in their three meets last week.  Based on the latest Iowa Girls High School Athletic Union track and field leader report, two relays stand a good chance to qualify for State at the 1A District Meet.  The Lady Vikings’ 1600 medley squad, of Sara Hinrichs, Kim Lauen, Danika Swenson and Allison Cooper, and the 4x200 relay team, of Hinrichs, Lauren, Heather Norman and Swenson.

50 years Ago • April 1968

Rain accompanied by strong winds, gusting from 40-50 mph moved into the area early Tuesday morning.  The temperature at 4:15 a.m. was 51 degrees and by 8:37 a.m. the mercury had dropped to 35.

Retail sales were well over the $4 million dollar mark during the third quarter in 1967 at Clear Lake.  This was an increase of 11 percent over the same period in 1966.

Armand Oetken has been hired as the elementary principal and sixth grade teacher at Sunset School.

Louis Schuler was elected president of the Clear lake Lions Club.

Dean Martin, Stella Stevens, Eli Wallch and Anne Jackson star in “How to Save a Marriage and Ruin a Life,” playing now at the Lake Theatre.

The man who said, “I think that I shall never see, a thing as ugly as the knee,” evidently has not seen the knees of the Clear Lake High School girls, who are sporting short skirts these days.

75 Years Ago • April 1943

Men from 45 to 65 must register next Monday.

Argyl Henningsen and James King are in recruit training of the U.S. Naval Base at Great Lakes, Ill.

Bruce Kennedy opened his stand last week.

About 6 p.m. Saturday afternoon word came there was a fire at Art Carr’s.  The hen house containing 150 hens and machine house burned to the ground.  This is the third fire for the family.

A corn husking bee was held at the home of Mrs. Martha Harris whose husband passed away in January.  Assisting were Einer Christiansen and Max, Bill Hampel, O.E. Ford, George Albers, Forest Hanson, Vincent and Dale Schmidt, Maurice Miles, Pete Allison, Kenneth Smith, Melvin Olson, Bud Marlow, Bill Wilson, Jennings Pahus and Bernard Oettchen.

100 Years Ago • April 1918

    Several articles were stolen the other evening from the basement of Levi Miles resident while the family was absent.  There were several jars of fruit and cans of potted meat missing.

    Lee Boyd’s car was badly smashed Sunday when he ran off the shoulder of the new paving between the county farm and Clear Lake.  His hat blew off and in attempting to catch it, he lost control.

Miss Esther Missman was an overnight visitor in the home of her kin folk.

    Mr. and Mrs. Earl Lambert entertained a company of relatives and friends at dinner Sunday.  Covers were laid for 16.

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