Play it again and again

Surf Ballroom launches instrument drive to inspire future musicians

The Surf Ballroom has launched a new program to promote music and provide hands-on experiences to future musicians.

Its “Play It Again Instrument Drive” encourages the public to donate gently used, hand-held instruments through Friday, May 10.  Boxes to collect the instruments are located at the Surf, 460 North Shore Drive, and the Clear Public Library, 200 N. 4th St.

The program will give area teachers the opportunity to “check out” a themed box of instruments to use in the classroom.  Students can hold and play the instruments, learn about the science of sound, and explore the history of various genres of music.  Each trunk will contain a Teacher’s Guide and lesson plans to support the contents of the trunk.

“In-class experiences can then be brought to life with a visit to the Surf Ballroom and Museum to learn more about the instruments, their history and important players from the past to present,” said Mallory Huffman, education coordinator at the Surf.

The Surf Ballroom currently offers a “Rock and Roll” themed trunk that has a bass guitar, electric guitar, drumsticks and amp.

“We envision using instruments collected to create a “Big Band” trunk, as well as an “Instrument Zoo” where students can learn about a variety of instruments in the percussion, wind and string categories,” said Huffman.

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