Plans moving forward on Lincoln School redevelopment project

Tom Green, Cameron Green and Gary Veeder, all of the Green Group, L.L.C., along with architect Randy Cram of Bergland & Cram, met with the Clear Lake City Council in a workshop session on Monday, Nov. 7, to update the council on how plans were moving forward concerning the Lincoln School redevelopment project.  
    According to Tom Green, asbestos removal from the school has been completed and his company is now doing salvage work inside the structure.  Green went on to say that they would like to have the older structure of the building torn down by the end of November.

    According to Cram, the plans are for the portion of Lincoln School north of the older structure to include six “flats” or condominiums.  Tom Green said that a new rubber roof is being placed on this portion of the school so that work can continue through the winter months.  The plan is to have six units available for sale in the spring of 2012.  Green went on to say that the two units that have already been constructed on the site by the previous owner would be remodeled and would also be available for sale by next spring.
    Future plans would include the construction of 10 more twin home units on the site, bringing the total to 18.  The cost of the entire project is - Read More Via e-Edition

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