Parks Board will hear public access dock proposal

by Marianne Gasaway

Public docks are back on the agenda for the Clear Lake Parks Board tonight.

According to Parks and Recreation Department Director Randy Miller, the Board is slated to hear a proposal from Jake Kopriva, a member of the board who is also the owner of Lake Time Boat Club.  Miller did not have the details, but said the shared use of a public access at 20th Avenue South, adjacent to the Y intersection on South Shore Drive, is the focus of the proposal.

The City presently has 28 public access docks, which are privately constructed but may be used by the public.  Although no dock has been in place at the South 20th Street access, Miller said it was considered in 2014-15 but was not acted on due to neighbors’ opposition, primarily based upon the lack of parking in the vicinity.

Miller said the Parks Board will listen to Kopriva’s proposal at its 6 p.m. Wednesday meeting in the Lakeview Room at City Park.  Due to COVID restrictions, capacity at the room is limited and those wishing to speak to the Parks Board may be asked to limit their time in the room.

The public’s desire for spaces to place boat lifts at accesses has far exceeded availability for decades.  Hundreds of names are currently on a waiting list for spaces.

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