One Vision subdivision project clears hurdle

It took about six weeks longer than anticipated, but the Clear Lake City Council gave its final approval to the plat for the Glen Oaks subdivision on the One Vision main campus.

In August, the Council tabled its approval of the final plat after concerns were raised about the impacts any redevelopment would have on Drainage District 40.

David Johnson, an attorney from Clarion, Iowa represented the Drainage District at Monday’s meeting.  Johnson told the Council that since the Aug. 20 meeting the report had been provided to district leadership, who are in charge of assuring proper drainage of surface waters to prevent overflow and protect public health, convenience and welfare. Trustees hired their own engineer for an opinion on the potential impact of One Vision’s plan for storm water drainage on the eastern 40 acres of the property.

Johnson said a use and maintenance agreement was reached between the drainage district and One Vision which will commit the developer to re-routing or using non-perforated tile at drainage ponds, as well as have a controlled release option for pond water levels.  With those actions, Johnson said he and district trustees recommended the Council approve the final plat.

“We didn’t feel like we had enough information before.  Now, we have gotten the report and reviewed it, we thank the Council for the time to do that,” added Johnson.

Drainage District 40 Trustee Mike Sonderman noted the district includes 423 land owners and more than 800 parcels.

“Our intention wasn’t to hurt anyone’s feelings or slow down progress.  We’re all either residents of Clear Lake — or rural residents of Clear Lake.  We like to see the prosperity of our city.  Whether we live in the city limits, or just outside the city limits, we all have an interest in seeing our city prosper.  But we also don’t

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