One Vision commits to business partnership

One Vision, based in Clear Lake, has announced the development of a partnership with long-term collaborator Exceptional Persons, Inc., headquartered in Waterloo.

The partnership comes as a direct result of dramatic changes in the service and funding environments, both at state and national levels.

“We enter into this partnership to remain a viable provider in a competitive market,” stated Mark Dodd, One Vision interim CEO.  “One Vision and EPI were drawn together by our common vision of inclusion, a shared spirit of innovation, and strong commitments to program quality.”

“Funding pressures and expectations of Managed Care Organizations (MCOs) in Iowa are causing many organizations to look for innovative ways, such as partnerships, to be strong into the future,” stated EPI’s Executive Director Chris Sparks.

“Our motivation is to keep the promises we’ve made to our customers — to persons served, their families, our staff — to ensure each can count on us well into the future,” he added.

The respective boards of directors have signed a letter of intent and have engaged a consultant. Over the next several months the consultant will guide each board along with organizational leadership through proper due diligence and consideration of various partnership models.

The organizations are also united by their commitment to workforce. With the low unemployment rate in Iowa, organizations such as EPI and OV struggle to find and keep employees.

“Both organizations know our employees are our

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