Olympic dreams are real for local runners

(Above) Ventura graduate Andrea Toppin (left) and Alana (Enabnit) Scarano, who ran at Clear Lake High School, will compete in the Olympic Trial for marathon runners in February 2020. -Submitted photo.

by Marianne Gasaway

A pair of local runners who each captured state titles in high school and success in the collegiate ranks will test their talents in the 2020 Olympic trials for marathon runners in Atlanta, Ga., in February.

“Qualifying for an Olympic Trials has been something I have always dreamed about. Even before I fully could comprehend what that fully meant, I knew I wanted to be in a position to compete with some of the best athletes in the country on the same stage,” said Alana (Enabnit) Scarano.

The same story holds true for Andrea Toppin.

“I feel as if the Olympics are in the back of every high level athlete’s mind whether high school, college, or beyond.  I have never taken the thought seriously.  I have always just thought of the idea as ‘what if’ more so than a reality.”

In 2011, high school seniors Enabnit and Toppin were two of the best distance runners in the state.  Enabnit, who ran at Clear Lake High School, stayed in the sport as an undergrad at Wartburg College, earning two NCAA titles and becoming a five-time All-American.  Toppin chose Iowa State University after graduating Ventura and was a member of it’s Big 12 championship teams in 2012, 2013 and 2014.  She was an NCAA cross country qualifier, as well as a top 10

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