Oh what fun it is to play!

(Above) Hayden and Addison Boldt were among the first to check out sleds at the Little Free Sled Library in Ventura on Friday.

Little Free Sled Library catches on

by Marianne Gasaway

They say good news travels fast.  So do good ideas.

Within days of sharing an idea to provide free sleds for all to use at the Ventura sledding hill, volunteers donated materials, time and labor to create a “Little Free Sled Library.”

Jessica Wood shared the idea for the sled supply on the Clear Lakers Facebook site on Jan. 10.  Her message, accompanied by a photo taken in Minnesota, simply stated, “Such a cute idea for the Ventura Snow Hill!!  If anyone has a Boy Scout or someone that wants to build this, we have enough screws and lumber to donate!”

In less than a week, the project was complete.  

Another member of the group, Tory Reimann, volunteered to build the sled corral with the help of Bob Rolling and Jeff Stealy had a sign made.  

Valerie Imhoff helped the group clear a big hurdle by allowing the Little Free Sled Library stand to be placed in her yard.  

The Ventura sledding hill has been busy. No sled? Not a problem! A Little Free Sled Library invites all to enjoy the fun.
-Reporter photos by Chris Barragy.

“The DNR said they couldn’t put it on the hill because of liability,” explained Imhoff.  “Since our home is right across the street, it only made sense to have it here. My insurance provider said it was not a problem and even donated toward the project. Everyone has been awesome with donations of sleds. All six of my children loved the hill and now my grandchildren are loving it with their parents and grandparents.”

The stand was in place Friday morning and within hours sleds had been donated.

“It has been very busy,” reported Imhoff.  “The kids are having a great time, as well as parents and grandparents.  They have borrowed and put back when finished.”

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