You can’t keep a good kite down…

Or kite lovers away from a good festival

The wind chill was well below zero and snow, at times, made spotting kites a bit difficult, but Saturday’s Color The Wind Festival went on without a hitch.  More than 200 kites filled the sky above Clear Lake.  And they were enjoyed by thousands.  A good number of spectators braved the conditions and strolled along the Sea Wall and even out 

onto the ice to talk to kite flyers and see their unique kites up close.  Others chose a more comfortable view-- from cars as they cruised North Lakeview Drive.  Larry and Kay Day, of Clear Lake, organize the annual event.  The couple was pleased that, depite the weather, the show could go on as scheduled in the downtown area.  Last year, a lack of ice caused its cancellation.  

“It’s fun,” said eight-year-old Lauren Mikelson, who was out on the ice with her family.  “I like the blue whale.”


Tony Killip’s 60-foot Blue Whale, made in New Zealand,  joined the mammoth Octopus, the 40-foot tall Teddy Bear and other spectacular kites flown by kite enthusiasts from eight states.  

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