Who will be mayor in Ventura?


Write-in will be winner in town with no candidate

Write-in votes will determine who will be mayor of Ventura starting in 2014.


Although three candidates for two City Council positions stepped forward in the final days before Thursday’s filing deadline, no candidates emerged for the mayor’s position 

being vacated by George Simpson.  According to Cerro Gordo County Commissioner of Elections Ken Kline, that means a write-in will win the seat.  No minimum number of votes or majority is needed.

“It’s a bit unusual, but not unheard of,” said Kline.  “In Swaledale, Mayor John Drury hasn’t been on the ballot for years, but he’s still been the winner and accepted the job as a write-in.”

Rock Falls has been another North Iowa community which has experienced a lack of candidates, sending the outcome to write-ins.

Kline explained that if the write-in winner declines the job, the person who received the second highest number of write-in votes will be declared the winner.  The person with the most votes would need to submit a letter of resignation within 10 days of the vote canvas, giving the runner-up the position.  The public would be able to override the runner-up by petitioning for a special election.

In the event of a tie among write-in candidates, Kline said the process of choosing a mayor will simply be drawing a write-in’s name from a hat.

“The public can petition to force an election within 30 days, but it is the office holder’s until then,” said Kline.

One incumbent and two others filed nomination papers for the two Ventura City Council seats.

Brian Vaage is seeking his third term on the Council.  Also filing was Kristie Meints and Fred Petersburg.  Council Representative Pat Kuhlmeier decided not to seek re-election.


Clear Lake

In Clear Lake, Mayor Nelson Crabb will be running unopposed, as well as Second Ward Council Representative Tony Nelson.

Two candidates, Gary Hugi and Peter Lagios, will be seeking election to the At-Large City Council post currently held by Terry Unsworth. 

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