Waldron gets a unique view of national caucus news coverage

    A local student had the opportunity to experience the Iowa Caucuses in a unique way last week.
    Kevin Waldron, a 2008 Ventura graduate who is now a senior at Grand View College in Des Moines, was recruited to work for NBC in the days preceding the caucus and helped during caucus night in a variety of ways.

    “I basically did everything from transporting people to hotels and the set, to standing in for sound and lighting checks,” explained Waldron, a Mass Communication and Digital Media major at Grand View.  He said he was surprised to be contacted by the media giant, but relished the opportunity to experience the fast paced world of network news. NBC contacted at least three schools, Grand View, Drake and Iowa State University, to find part time help during the caucus.  His name was suggested and he submitted a resume as application for the work.
    As an employee of Duplication Media in Des Moines, Waldron said he had experience in a variety of aspects of broadcast production, however his time with NBC provided a unique opportunity.
    “It was every college broadcast kid’s dream,” he said.  “To be involved in a New York or Hollywood set was unbelievable.”
    Waldron explained the network spent two days setting up lights and creating the set for its news anchors to broadcast from the Iowa Public Television headquarters.  He helped to set up the sets, then stood in as the anchors for sound and light checks.  Beyond the technical work, his experience also included transporting celebrities and politicians to and from the set and running for whatever was needed.
    Among his most memorable moments included taking Republican candidate Rick Santorum to - Read More Via e-Edition

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